Health Certificates (Domestic and International)

Are you ready to travel with your pet?

The staff at Riverside Pet Care can help you get ready!

We strongly advise that you are well-informed, have the required documentation, prescriptions, and flight details before traveling with your pet.

In order to confirm that your pets are in sufficient health to travel without risk and that there are no infectious or local diseases identified, several states and airlines require a domestic health certificate. Due to the fact that every airline has its own set of requirements, you need do more research on the specific regulations that will apply to your situation. Riverside Pet Care is ready to give its clients legitimate health certificates following a standard check.

After you know what is required to enter the country or state, schedule your vet appointment with an accredited veterinarian within 10 days of traveling. Some countries may require more than one certificate

Some countries require testing to allow your pet into the country. The most common test is Rabies Titer which can take a minimum of 30 days to receive results (sometimes it can take longer).

Make sure that you plan ahead and schedule those tests in a timely matter to be able to travel on your planned date.

To get started, click here and then enter the country you want to visit. If you’re traveling within the US, you can enter the state where you’re going below on the page. A list of all the paperwork you need to have in order to bring your pet into that country or state is displayed when you select “View Requirements.”

Please contact the state USDA Office before your trip to learn the most updated details about the requirements for transporting your pet into a certain country. Click here to read more about what to expect before you travel. For a list of nation-specific requirements, see here.

NOTE: Some health certificates take longer and are more work than others. This means you should keep in mind your travel date and the country or state’s requirements when trying to acquire a health certificate. Make sure to bring a current rabies vaccine certificate with a veterinarian’s signature. If your pet is not microchipped and is required we may need to place a microchip at the appointment.